Pushdo Trojan infects 11,000 systems in the first 24 hours

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    11,000 systems have been compromised by a new variant of the resilient Pushdo Trojan in just 24 hours.

    According to security software firm Bitdefender, Indian PCs have been most affected by the outbreak, but systems in the UK, France and the US have also been hit.

    Bitdefender figures come from traffic towards the sinkholed domains associated with the botnet's control system.

    Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist at Bitdefender said: “We managed to successfully intercept Pushdo traffic and gain some idea of the size of this botnet. “The sheer scale of this criminal operation, unsophisticated as it may be, is rather troubling and there are indications that the botnet is still in a growth phase. We shall be continuing our investigation as a key priority and further updates shall be made available in the coming days.”

    The Pushdo Trojan has been used to distribute secondary malware strains such as ZeuS and SpyEye.