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    Hi there, today i will talk about google.
    Google controls the web's world, there is no doubt.
    They offer many useful services such as: Book Search, freely E-mail accounts(Gmail), Free blog accounts(This very site) and many others.
    But still, Google haven't conquered the OS's (OS stands for Operating System) world, yet.
    The reason that i wrote "Yet" is because google have announced several months ago (or even more, i cant quite remember) that they will start to develop their own OS.
    Still, we all know Microsoft (it is a pitty that we do) and we also know their services.
    The Microsoft's services/softwares are full with many heavy graphics and not to mention their current OS (Windows XP) and their upcoming one (it is called Windows Vista and read my last post for more information about this OS).
    on the other hand, The Google's services are quite simple and plain, let me take as a representative example, their standard search engine.
    It is quite simple, it doesnt have any heavy graphic design, it is very simple and it gives you only what you are looking for and thats it, it is very standard (if you know what i mean).
    I think that Google's OS will be standard as well.
    But you see, this simplicity is a problem (not as for my opinion of course), people like graphics, they like visual effects...
    I hope that i am wrong and google will add a little bit of graphics or will add something else that will "rock our world" so that Microsoft will finally crash.

    That's it for today, Cya all :)
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    Well most people tend to be attracted more by simplicity. That's for the fact. So their OS will find its customer for sure. Nice graphics alone don't mean that OS will be complicated, right? It might appear to be nice simple to use OS while having cool graphics at the same time. Let's hope so.
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